Sponsor Newton Hockey Program

What is Newton Hockey Program?

Newton Roller Hockey is a recreational league for boys and girls ages 5-17 who are looking for a fun sport and a dynamic community to join. 

Where is Newton Roller Hockey?

Newton Roller Hockey is centrally located in the County Seat of Newton behind Shoprite.

Do you need to be a Newton resident to join?

No. Newton Roller Hockey consists of players from Sussex, Warren, Pike and Morris counties! This creates a large platform for advertising!

How can sponsoring Newton Roller Hockey help my organization?

By purchasing sponsorship through Newton Roller Hockey, your organization name and information will be prominently displayed on a sign inside the rink. Advertising in our rink brings a heightened awareness and support for your organization.

What is the quality of the sign and cost to my organization?

Our signs are high quality and paced for long term loyalty. Prices listed below are for one year. We have two seasons spring and fall. Multi-year discounts are available, as well as renewal for the following year. Checks should be made payable to Newton Hockey Program.

$250 4x2 Coroplast or  $300 4x4 Coroplast Initial Season

Renewal Fee: $150 4x2 or $200 4x4 Sign

Call or text today for more information: Jason (973)-570-5494

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Telephone Number    _______________________________________________________

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